Education Issues

A Partnership in South Plainfield

How the school district and the municipality have flourished by working together

By Janet Bamford

Sudden Cardiac Death Among Young Student-Athletes

 What school boards need to know about this rare – but devastating – disorder

School Boards in the Accountability Era

National survey results give a snapshot of board members concerned about improving student achievement and teacher quality.

By Frederick M. Hess and Olivia Meeks

Technology's Impact on the Sunshine Law

The Sunshine Law – also known as the Open Public Meetings Act – is landmark legislation that guides school boards in how they communicate and operate, not only with the public but with district administrators and themselves.  When the law was enacted over 30 years ago, emails, teleconferencing, and other technological advances were not envisioned.  In addition, boards face new issues dealing with personal emails and the Open Public Records Act.

Special Programs for Special Children

Special Programs for Special Children

The ninth annual Innovations in Special Education Awards honored creative programs

By Janet Bamford

Legislature Moves Special-Ed Bill

The Senate Education Committee on Dec. 1 approved S-2635, a bill that would create a task force to recommend improvements to special education programs and services in public schools. Read more in the December 6, 2011 issue of School Board Notes.

November Election Option for School Boards

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New School Board Members "Get on Board"

New board members talk about NJSBA and their experience attending the 10/23/11 Getting on Board training program.

See video

Task Force to Align K-12 with Higher Education

The new task force was created to identify the skills needed to be “college and career ready” and to ensure New Jersey has the appropriate graduation requirements and assessments in place.

Read the November 11, 2011 School Board Notes article.

Is Sustainability the Answer to the Financial and Academic Success of New Jersey Schools?

Will retrofitting existing school buildings with clean energy technology benefit student achievement?  Will it reduce operating costs, decrease tax dependency and provide more funding for the classroom?